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Updated: March 2023

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Every year the Taxman performs Operation Money Suck on your bank account.
And every year your accountant fights back as best they can.

But property investors have a secret weapon at their disposal

…it’s a secret because only 10% of all investors know how to take advantage of it!

So the fact you’re here – right now – means you’re already ahead of 90% of property investors in Australia


What is a Tax Depreciation Schedule?

Also known as a Tax Depreciation Report or Quantity Surveyor’s Report

Answer: it’s a list of every asset in and on your rental investment property, assigning each with a value and lifespan. A set depreciation percentage is then allocated to each item – as deemed by the ATO

There are 3-vital-steps to a [good] Depreciation schedule…

1. They list every asset in your investment property. Including; plant and equipment items like carpet and appliances – as well as – Capital Works items like buildings and landscaping

2. They assign each asset a value. Market value for ‘plant and equipment’ & original, fully installed, value for Capital Works

3. They apply an – ATO determined – percentage rate of deduction to each asset. 2.5% pa for Capital Works (div 43) and anywhere between 3% to 100% for ‘plant and equipment’ (division 40)


Why Do You Want A Depreciation Report?

Answer: To pay less tax!

– by claiming the everyday wear-and-tear on your investment property as a tax deduction.

But…only if you use an ATO approved Tax Depreciation provider.

With your report you can claim the ‘on-paper losses’ as tax deductions against your rental income

…that means you pay less tax each and every year you use the report

Just like the owners of these properties…

’92 Built House

Robertson, 1992 built house
$3,200/yr in deductions and $16,120 in 5 years
Minor renovations

Near New Townhouse

Lawnton, Near New Town House
$5,450/yr in deductions & $27,250 in 5 years
All original

1930’s House

Camp Hill, 1930’s built Queenslander
$7,750/yr in deductions & $38,750 in 5 years
Major renovations


Do you even need a report?

Not wanting to waste your time and blow smoke up your skirt…not every property investor should get a report

It comes down to 4-factors
1. Condition of the property
2. Age of the property
3. Extent of renovations/improvements
4. Rental structure (residential, commercial, holiday-let)

And it’s easy to find out if you qualify…

The very next thing you should do is find out if you need one

Should You Get a Report – or are you just wasting good money?
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exceptional standard

“I dealt with Will and his father way back in 2015 and found this family business a pleasure to commission for Q/S services. I went straight to Will earlier this year for further Q/S services and was afforded a discounted rate to that of the fee in 2015 and again a trouble free commission. It is a pleasure to highly recommend Will to anyone seeking competitive Q/S services provided at an exceptional standard”
Damian McNaught

truly exceeded our expectations!

“It couldn’t have been any easier! Will was fantastic and delivered the depreciation schedules required for our investment unit in Coolangatta. He well and truly exceeded our expectations! Great communication and a very competitive price. Cheers!”
Scott Millard

I recommend him without hesitation

“WRC is now our first call for a Tax Depreciation schedule on a new property. Will is fast and efficient and always able to fit us in. I have the report back promptly and it is always well presented and easy to understand. I recommend him without hesitation”
Nathan Vickery

But maybe you want to see some real-world results first…

Here’s what some of our successful clients have been able to achieve…

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Saved me many thousands in tax

“William has saved me [personally] many thousands in tax”
Mark Herron, Herron Accountants

able to squeeze absolutely everything possible out

“They’ve always been able to squeeze absolutely everything possible out of the depreciable items for my clients”
Rowan Siepen, Apex Accounting & Advice

delighted with the reduced tax liability

“I engaged WRC Quantity Surveying to assess a rental property. Not only did they promptly reply to my initial email, but the assessment was conducted very soon thereafter. Their report was professional, timely and detailed. I was delighted with the reduced tax liability on foot of their excellent work! I would highly recommend them!”
Tara Magdalinski

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Depreciation on buildings

Investment property owners can claim deductions under the ITAA 1997 tax depreciaiton legislation for both Division 40 and Division 43 items

Division 40 Deductions

Div. 40 is the category where your plant and equipment items aka furniture and fixtures will be claimed as tax dedutions. Now, there have been rule changes that rule out a lot of exisitng plant and equipment assets from being deducted, but I know exactly how to hanlde these items if you are affected by that ATO ruling.

Division 43 Deductions

Division 43 is where all the structural and permament items are claimed as deductions.
Items like;

just to name a few

Still have some questions?

…maybe these FAQs will help you

QUESTION: How Much Should A Tax Depreciation Report Cost?

You’ll see online reports range from $250 right up to about $800

But the sweet-spot is the $600-$660 bracket. Shopping in this price range should get your shortlist down to 10 or 20 good quality providers. Myself included 😉

QUESTION: How Do You Become Certified for Tax Depreciation?

Firstly I had to do a 4-year uni degree in Quantity Surveying. Then work as an Estimator in the construction industry.

Plus…work in the tax depreciation sector for 2 years.

After that, I was qualified enough to apply for acceptance into the Tax Practitioners Board (Australia) to provide tax depreciation reports.

Each year I must complete about 25-hrs of CPD training and maintain a clean slate with the ATO.

QUESTION: Why Do I need a Quantity Surveyor?

Under tax ruling TR97/25 the ATO says:

“investors must engage a Quantity Surveyor to produce a depreciation schedule on their behalf”

The ATO found some rogue operators were overvaluing items and manipulating tax law. So the ATO now makes all quantity surveyors register as tax agents with the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB).

In doing so, all TPB-registered quantity surveyors are bound by the TPB and ATO legislation.

Therefore, we must not provide false or misleading information on the depreciation report.

QUESTION: What Does My Accountant Do With My Depreciation Report?

Your accountant will mark-off the depreciation values as an ‘on paper’ loss against your rental income.

For you, that means less tax to pay.

And should the deduction,/ps be greater than the income produced, your accountant will mark-off these losses against other income sources (usually your job).

…this is known as Negative Gearing.

Once again, this means less tax to pay.

Easy 30-sec form, quick reply, no obligation

Note: I’m not in the business or wasting anyone’s time or money.

When you get in touch I’ll tell you quite accurately how much tax I can save you each and every year.

Then I’ll leave it up to you to decide your next move.

What to do next

Virtually every investor thinks a depreciation report may be a waste of money.

Maybe your house is too old

Maybe it’s too small

or maybe you think you’ve left it too late

Why not remove all doubt? – check with me

I’ll research your property and let you know if there’s enough deductibles worth claiming.

Simply fill in this form below and I’ll personally be in touch.

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Find out more about claiming your tax refunds here

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service was impeccable

“From the onset of the quoting through to the delivery, the service was impeccable. Appropriate information was provided upfront to ensure a fast inspection and the report is detailed to provide me with a good set of figures. The depreciation will help tremendously and I only hope other people use Will in the future. Very reasonable cost and highly recommend the service to anyone requiring a depreciation report or the services of a quantity surveyor”
Matthew Porch

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