Why Us

…and not some other guy

Well, I guess i should re-phrase that to…Do you want to use someone who puts YOU first – or themselves?

Your choice in tax depreciation providers is the most important decision you’ll make for your tax refunds

See how you can take full advantage of the tax deductions you’re legally entitled to

but first…

We may not be right for you if…

If you don’t see the value in getting a high-quality report that’s guaranteed ATO Audit proof…

Then we may not be right for you

If you’re happy to run yourself ragged and do all the leg work for the QS – instead of them doing it for you…

Then we may not be right for you

If you can’t bring yourself to spend a few bucks more than an entry-level report, but you’re quite happy paying them more money every time you need your report updated…

Then we may not be right for you


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ATO Compliant Reports

“Australia’s only Quantity Surveyors Report guaranteed ATO Audit Proof”

If our report triggers an ATO Audit – which it won’t – I’ll happily refund you 200% of the fee!

I’m the only person willing to offer this guarantee. That’s beacuse our reports have withstood the blow-torch scrutiny of the ATO for 28 years

except for…

The One Time we muffed it with the ATO!

Only in 1997 did we have an issue with the ATO. We put a TV antenna in the wrong category (Low Value Pool instead of Capital Works) – haven’t done it since!

Well Priced Reports

Why pay more than you have to. But sometimes going cheaper actually costs you more.

Value-for-Money is what savvy investors want

And that’s what I offer you here

You’ll find my price cheaper than all the Big-Players – Yet more expensive than the reports your accountant will be glad you never bought.

That’s where your value-for-money is

Pay less than you would with the big companies. And get better support and bigger tax deductions too

BTW: Even if you don’t choose me, I’d still rather you spend your hard-earned money on a competitor’s report – of similar price – than waste your money and risk an ATO audit with a cheap one

Here’s what some of our successful clients have been able to achieve…

Check out client results in our PORTFOLIO

Fast Turnaround

“Expect just 7-business days to complete your report”

That’s from time of booking inspection to you receiving your report

But if your Accountant needs it yesterday. Don’t worry. We work weekends when needed too!

But to be safe – get your quote sorted today. And I’ll pencil you in to secure your spot (you can always cancel later).

After Sales Support

We are a small family-run business. So we don’t pump out the volume of Reports the big-boys do.

That means we have the time to help you after the report is complete.

In fact, I’m offering you a lifetime of FREE updates to your report for any minor works.

For example; you add an Air-Con unit, new fencing or even a new carport.

Just tell me the date and cost and I’ll happily update your report at no cost. Not a cent! It’s easily done.

Here’s a breakdown of what we are, and what you get because of it…

What We Are

Laser-focused on South East Queensland properties, since 1994

Family owned and operated

Helmed by a 2nd generation Quantity Surveyor

Dedicated to getting you the tax refunds your legally entitled to

What You Get

Highly skilled local experts working for you

Stringent quality control on our reports, including ongoing support + complimentary report updates

Nearly 70 years of quantity surveying knowledge applied to your report

Fixed fee pricing, plus a free market report for your property, with no hidden costs or credit card fees

2nd Generation Quantity Surveyor

I know of just one other 2nd generation Quantity Surveyor in Australia, so I’m rather unique in that sense. I was trained by my father, who was trained in the “old school way” with pen and paper. No computers. Just calculators and the lady’s typing pool.

Dad’s “by the book” way of doing things has certainly paid off, and is reflected in the reports I now produce.

My “No Dumb-Ass Staff” guarantee

      • You will only ever speak to qualified Quantity Surveyors
      • Your property will be inspected by a qualified Quantity Surveyor
      • Your report will be prepared by a qualified Quantity Surveyor

In short, only Quantity Surveyors work here. This is only one of seven guarantees. See our guarantees page>>

How to maximise your deductions and keep you ATO safe

There’s two ways to stay safe of the ATO.

1. Under claim your deductions (not ideal if you want to improve your cash-flow)

2. Get someone who really knows what they’re doing
…Someone who knows the rules backwards, forwards and sideways
…Someone who is prepared to squeeze every-last-cent of deductions out of your property, even if it means spending too much time on your report

But there are other reasons to choose us too:

    • Turn-around time

      Since I’m dedicated to saving you tax money, rather than just making as much revenue as I can, I don’t take on more than I can handle. This means that if I say I can complete your report within 10 days- I will

      Comprehensive reports (with support)

      My reports include everything you need, but none of the fluff:

      • 40 year reporting
      • Building Allowance (Capital Write-off): Div. 43
      • Diminishing Value Method: Div. 40
      • Prime Cost Method: Div. 40
      • Low Value Pooling Method: Div. 40
      • Capital Loss schedule (New)
      • Photos
      • Ongoing support

But perhaps the most valuable thing I have to offer you is completely free. You don’t even have to be a customer!

Here’s some [Free] Bonuses – to help boost your earnings

With your free quote – you also get – three complimentary property investor reports (specific to your house).

These reports are not something I’ve slapped together. They’re generated by RpData’s substantial data mining software. And in the right hands can create a fortune – or save one!

With them you’ll discover…

Who’s renting what and for how much [adjust and maximise your rent return for more profit]

What’s in high demand [tweak your property to meet tenant needs and have them queing to sign up – then profit from the extra demand – before your neighbours do]

Is your suburb booming, flatlining or about to take-off [Get ahead of the trends & maximise profits – or – look like a genius and sell out before the crash]

“If you were to order these yourself, RpData would charge you $80”

…But you can have them today – free – simply for getting a quote
You don’t even have to be a customer. They’re yours as a gift, no strings attached.

I don’t think you should have to buy something to get this valuable information.
And I’d rather you be able to make the best-go of being a property investor. Customer or not.

“Thanks Will, the reports were insightful and not as I’d expected!”
James Kramer

To see a sample report for a property just-like-yours, get in touch below.

See how to slash your tax with one simple quote

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But here’s what some clients have to say…

“Always good to support local businesses”
“Will did a great job completing my surveying report promptly and for a great price. Always good to support local businesses. Would certainly recommend WRC, I will be using them for future investment properties”

~ Ian Goulding

“professional service”
“Very good and professional service at a reasonable price”

~ Jacky Gu

“comprehensive report”
“Found them to be very professional and easy to work with. They work quickly and I received a comprehensive report. Would use them again. Highly recommended!”

~ Paul Westall

Outstanding Service

“We asked quotes from 4 mobs – Will replied to us first – with a detailed quote and competitive price. While one bombarded us with marketing emails, and 2 did not even bother to ring or email us back. Everything was settled smoothly and on time with WRC. Will is very professional yet personable and easy to communicate with. We highly recommend WRC Quantity Surveying. Outstanding service”
Childers Oasis Motel

enabled me to claim maximum deductions

“Will was absolutely fantastic to deal with.
His knowledge and attention to detail has enabled me to claim maximum deductions of my rental property.
I can’t recommend WRC Surveying enough!”
Fabian D.

The process was so simple

“We were introduced to Will via a friend who was extremely happy with the service and communication from WRC Quantity Surveying. The process was so simple and the schedules delivered were very well done. We will of course use Will again and would highly recommend their services to anyone”
Thomas Mcilhatton

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Our Super-Six Guarantee

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And remember, what you get for every $1 you spend on your report. You’ll have it return five-fold (or more) in the form of tax refunds.