Our Competitors: Do they even compare?

“Great service and comprehensive report! Would recommend” -Paul Westall

With typical chest beating bravado, the ‘Big 4’ of the tax depreciation industry claim to produce as much as 90% of all Tax Depreciation reports. One even claims to produce 82 reports per day – 7 days a week – 365 days a year! Realistically, in a 40hr week, that’s 15 reports per hour -booked, inspected, researched, calculated and delivered.

It’s no wonder the ink has barely dried on the ATO’s biggest legislation changes to the industry since the mid 80’s. -Clearly, people are cutting corners and the ATO want it to stop!

When small, local business is not enough: At the other end of the scale to the ‘Big 4’ you have the micro-businesses. Some are great but most are simply unqualified! -Preparing dodgy reports, slipping through the cracks then disappearing before they get found out & prosecuted.

That’s why small Family businesses like ours perform so well.

-I love being a Quantity Surveyor. I look forward to the start of each week, knowing I’ll be inspecting some pretty amazing houses in some of the most scenic parts of Australia. I am heavily invested in the industry both emotionally and financially. I ensure we’ve dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s. Besides maximising our clients tax deductions, our #1 Priority is protecting our clients from ATO audits.

So, when you’re asking yourself: ‘what’s in it for me if I go with WRC?’ The answer is different for every client, but the common theme is the same:

Maximum Tax Savings – Staying on the right side of the ATO – Better value than the ‘Big 4’.

You don’t want to be audited & we don’t want you to be audited -So make sure you are fully informed when getting quotes. Put your own interests first.

When you’re shopping around for quotes be sure to compare apples to apples. Ask our competitors these essential questions:

  1. Will my property be inspected by a qualified Quantity Surveyor?

Why: Since 2010 the ATO has made it compulsory that Tax Depreciation reporting only be carried out by industry approved professionals and must be T.P.B. registered.

How do we comply: WRCQS will only send a qualified QS to inspect your property.

What many others do: Some other major firms outsource to temporary staff who have no construction industry training or education.

  1. Do I have to pay upfront?

Our Policy: – We like to keep our fees as low as possible. So, we offer 2 price options…

  1. Pay upon completion or 2. Pay upfront and SAVE!

Competitors Policy: Most insist on full fee payment before they even book in the inspection time.

Then they charge you credit card fees on top.

  1. Can they offer same-day service?

– As we are a family owned and operated business, WRC QS has, on many occasions, inspected an investment property within 1hr of taking the call from the client.


  1. Are you registered Tax Agents?

– WRC QS are fully registered Tax Agents for the purpose of preparing Tax Depreciation reports. Scarily, some competitors are not!

  1. Do you offer a full report with both the Prime Cost & Diminishing Value methods?

– At WRC QS we provide a 40 year report with both the Prime Cost & Diminishing Value methods provided in full. The Accountants love it! Request a sample report here and you’ll see just how good our reports are.

  1. How quickly can you inspect my property & deliver the report?

– At WRC QS, we aim to provide all reports within 48hrs of the inspection providing all the relevant information is provided to us. In particularly busy times, May-September we allow for a 7-day turnaround.

It’s truly up to you who prepares the tax depreciaiton rpeort on your property. If our competitors can match us on all these points and still come in at a better price I’ll be shocked.

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