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Do You Want A Company That Puts You First – Or themselves?

3 real-life cases where our competitors really did FAIL their customer

  1. Unit 1/xxx Gold Coast Hwy, Palm Beach

    Competitor X showed up but left in a rush, telling the client it was a waste of time. Result: one disheartened and nervous investor.

    Their Accountant suggested talking to me, and after a very thorough inspection (it took an extra 25 minutes to really ferret out all the deductions), I was able to get them $2,116/year in tax deductions for the next 13 years. That’s a whole lot better than the big fat nothing the other guy offered them.

  2. Meldrum St, Kallangur

    Competitor Y told our client that the new tax depreciation rules didn’t apply to them. Perhaps this was just a ruse to get the job; perhaps they simply didn’t know the legislation like they should have. Regardless, the client was confused after getting conflicting information from me.

    Luckily, he had the smarts to put his own interests first and pressed harder. Armed with ATO rulings provided by myself, the competition eventually admitted they were wrong. Had our client gone with these guys, it’s almost certain the report would have raised a red flag at the ATO. No investor wants to be audited by the ATO!*

  3. Orana Ave, Seven Hills

    A big player in tax depreciation told my client their $800,000 property had no depreciation in it. But their accountant knew better, and told them to get a second opinion from me. In the end I found them $5,734 per year in depreciation. It just tool more work and more knowledge to find these deductions than most providers have to offer.

Do your best to avoid an audit and ensure you’re fully informed when getting quotes. Put your own interests first.

These three case studies are all older houses, but I’ve seen this time and again with newer properties too. So why are the big companies shrugging off these owners?…

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Why others knock-you-back when your house is old

Because they think your property isn’t worth the effort. They think your property is no good for tax depreciation.

They take one look, and know just how much work is needed to squeeze everything out to get you a good result, compared to easier jobs.

Since they can’t charge you more money for that extra work, they say “nope, not worth it,” and move on. They are not doing what’s best for you—they’re doing what’s best for them. After all, why would they spend all day on one job when they could smash out three easy ones and make three times as much money?

There’s more than one self proclaimed “guru” of tax depreciation out there and all have failed their customers for the sake of profits.


Kickbacks & brown paper bags

Listen: The guys who do best in our industry are not necessarily the best at their jobs. Rather, they’re the best at getting money for referrals.

Many companies pay finder fees for B2B referrals (I don’t). So if you’re here because your accountant or property manager suggested us, it’s because of what we offer you—NOT what we offer them!

Don’t sign with anyone (including me) until you’ve asked these questions:

Questions you should actually be askingUsThem
Are you registered a tax agent? Yes Yes
Do you provide a 40-year report? Yes Yes
Do you provide all methods of depreciation Yes Maybe
Do you offer ongoing support? Yes Maybe
Will my property be inspected by a qualified Quantity Surveyor? Yes Unlikely
Can I pay by credit card without being charged extra? Yes No
Can you assure me that you take no kickbacks? Yes Unlikely
Can I pay on delivery? Yes No

Tip: if they’re not hitting the green zone most of the time, they’re probably not the right guys for you.

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Just as not every tax depreciation guy is qualified to do the job, not every property needs a tax depreciation report. Some really aren’t worth it.

But they won’t always tell you that either.

By contrast, I will always tell you how it is. If your property isn’t a good candidate, I’ll say so. It’s in everyone’s interest to be honest here.

Note: on that, expect to pay anywhere between $250–$880 for a report from me (I’m somewhere in the middle). Some clients say my pricing is “competitive,” others say it’s “great value.” I prefer the latter.


Who’s the best?

Presently, 124+ companies offer the “best” tax depreciation reports in Australia. But, it’s really for you to decide who’s best. All I can do is put my case forward and hope you agree.

I’m not going to twist your arm to convince you to choose me.

If you aren’t interested, I’ll leave it there and move on.

(This also means I’m not going to send you any annoying-as-hell follow-up emails and irrelevant newsletters from here into perpetuity!)

I’m simply going to tell you that we’re the team for you if:

  • You have an investment property in South East Queensland
  • You’d like a comprehensive, no fuss, well-priced report
  • You’d like to be backed by ongoing support from a father-son team
  • You want the maximum tax depreciation possible without fear of triggering an ATO audit.

Again, it’s your choice.

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ATO audits and tax depreciation

What happens if you’re audited and found guilty of over-claiming tax depreciation deductions?

I asked my accountant this question. Here’s what he said:

If a taxpayer is reckless enough, they can be penalised 75% of the tax liability they avoided, plus the tax liability originally avoided.

That’s 175% of the original tax payable!

Got a good accountant? Then you won’t have to worry. If not, save your pennies because an audit costs $thousands!

Your accountant is not responsible for what we do (in our report). They trust our judgement.

  • A dodgy report can raise red flags at the ATO

  • We ensure our reports are ATO compliant

  • We stand by our report accuracy

BTW: if you’re looking for more info on our unique value, check out our Why Us page.

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