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Proud Owner of an Investment Property which is NOT a Residential Property?

If so, a Tax Depreciation Report for your Premises can Save Thousands in Tax year in, year out.

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Wondering what to do now?

Hopefully I can provide some answers for you.

No doubt, someone has told you to get a Tax Depreciation Schedule prepared for your Investment Property. If you’re like 99% of 1st time Landlords you are probably thinking; What is it? and, Why do I need it? Money is already really tight!

Obtaining and using a Tax Depreciation Report is a fairly straightforward process.
Essentially, Your Accountant will WANT the report so they can MINIMISE your TAX -This will greatly improve your cash flow. Especially in the early years of ownership!

Here’s How:
The ATO allows an Investment Property owner to DEPRECIATE, or Write-Off, the value of pretty much everything in and around your Investment Property.
Basically, if you incur an expense as a result of owning an Investment Property you can CLAIM IT.

What do We do for You?

I am a 2nd Generation Quantity Surveyor. My Father, Ron Callaghan has been a QS for 52 years!
We have been working together since 2008.
Ron has been providing Tax Depreciation reports since 1993!

There are Many Tax Depreciation Firms looking to take on any, and every client.

We are NOT one of them.

We work almost exclusively with clients -Past & Present as well as clients referred directly to us.

Our reports are Not Cookie Cutter reports. They are tailored to the precise needs of our clients.

I have not found an Accountant who does not LOVE our Reports!

In short, the depreciation report you receive from us will be everything your Accountant will ever want. -When you Request-a-Quote I’ll send you a detailed Sample Report which you can even send to your Accountant to Make Sure it meets their Standards!

…Join the Movement and become one of our regular Investment Property Buyers.

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Quality Before Quantity:

We put a LOT more time & effort into our reports to ensure our clients are very well looked after.

“WRC is now our first call for a Tax Depreciation schedule on a new property. Will is fast and efficient and always able to fit us in. I have the report back promptly and it is always well presented and easy to understand. I recommend him without hesitation”. Nathan Vickery

“WRC was referred to me by my accountant. Not knowing much about the report I needed, I spoke to Will and he was exceptionally helpful. From knowing exactly what I needed, to arranging access to the property with the rental agency, the whole process was smooth and efficient. Report was simple to understand, and the turnaround time from date of phone call, to date of report was very quick! Would highly recommend WRC and Will – 5/5!!!!!!” Zoe Fox

If you would like to know if we can help you get in touch here and we will get back to you asap.

The Process:

One of our FULLY QUALIFIED and Registered Quantity Surveyors will personally inspect YOUR Investment Property. This is a service MANY of our competitors DO NOT offer! -But more on that later.

Back at the office, your Tax Depreciation Schedule will then be prepared by a Fully Qualified Quantity Surveyor.

An Email copy will be sent directly to you and your Accountant.


An Invoice will be emailed at about the same time as receiving the report. -We only send our invoices out before completing the work when June 30 is approaching.

Payments can be made by the usual methods: Bank Deposit, Cheque & Online using Credit Card.

“Prompt, seamless and efficient. We requested the service for our Queensland. property while living in Sydney and Will was fantastic in getting it all organised in under a week with quality report. Well done and thanks”. Huda Olsson

-An Important Note on Credit Card Payments:

We have a very easy to use and secure online payment system courtesy of Xero Accounting.

I hate paying card fees when I’m sent a bill -so I refuse to charge my clients a fee for paying my bill.

“I am a taxation professional who recently engaged Will (WRC QS) to assess several properties for depreciation/capital works purposes. Will did an excellent job, his final report was well constructed, easy to follow and fairly seamless with what I had done to date tax-wise”. Robert Daly -Chartered Accountant

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What to do NOW!

Get a quick quote for your New Investment Property & start getting Cash back from the ATO Now.

What to Expect when Making Contact with us:

I know what it’s like trying to find the right person to help with a Problem. That’s why I like to be upfront with everything You Need-to-Know about Tax Depreciation. Whether you will Benefit from the service, and whether we will be able to Maximise Your TAX SAVINGS.

After making Contact, I will send you an email quote & give you a quick call you to discuss your Investment Property.

I’ll then leave you be while you decide what’s best for you. We are not in the business of harassing potential clients.

1. We Promise to keep your Personal & Private contact details Secure and NEVER Sold.

2. We will NOT bug you with emails and phone calls if you choose Not to go with us.

3. We Promise you will speak with a QS every time you call -we DO NOT use call centres.

Get a quick quote for your New Investment Property. No hassles and alway VERY informative.

“Very prompt, friendly, professional and thorough service. Thanks Will!” Sarah Rowe

 I need HELP to cut my Tax bill  

“WRC QS was excellent to deal with and prepared a thorough and detailed depreciation schedule for my property. Will turned around the report promptly and I would happily recommend him to my friends and family.” Adam Walker

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