Do you need a Tax Depreciation Report?

…or are you just wasting good money?

A good accountant will tell you there’s only one reason to get a tax depreciation report.

That’s to pay less tax


Not every property is worth doing.

And I’m not here to waste your time telling you otherwise.

So here’s the Best & Worst Performers…

The best properties for Tax Depreciation

I should rephrase that to “the properties which give the biggest tax deductions”

And they are…

Brand New Residential (including high rise apartments)
Commercial Use properties
Significantly Renovated houses

Everything else is still really good – but those three perform the best.

Here’s some examples…

Brand New Unit

Northgate Brand New Unit
$17,544 in 1st year
$68,465 in 5 years
All original

1930’s House

Camp Hill, 1930’s built Queenslander
$7,750/yr in deductions & $38,750 in 5 years
Major renovations

But for every other property here’s a quick breakdown…

Near-New residential

Got a house that’s just a couple of years old?

Then there’s a good chance you can get at least $8,000 per year in depreciation deductions.
(I’ve based that on a 220 square metre house)

You can claim 2.5% of the original build cost per annum – until the building is 40-years old under the Division 43 tax ruling.

So a 2-year old house will have around 38-years of deductions left in it.

Plus…any renovations, improvements and makeovers you do also count toward your tax deductions.

Near New Townhouse

Lawnton, Near New Town House
$5,450/yr in deductions & $27,250 in 5 years
All original

Near New House

Atherton Near New House
$5,575/yr in deductions & $27,875 in 5 years
All original condition

…these two properties above were both around 150sqm in size

10-20 year old residential

Not quite as big as today’s houses – but still pretty sizable – at around 200 square metres.

You can expect at least $6,000 per year in tax deductions from a 21st century built house.

Inner City Unit

South Brisbane 2003 built unit
$6,224/yr in deductions & $31,032 in 5 years
Modest Renovations

10 year old House

North Lakes 2011 Built House
$5,438/yr in first year
$27,190 in 5 years
Minor renovations

1988-1999 built residential

Back in the 90’s I thought new houses were big! But today’s houses make them seem rather small.

A 90’s house of around 140 square metres – floor area – will have about $3,000/yr in claimable deductions.

Plus…any renovations and makeovers also get added into the calculations.

Most houses around 25 years old have an extra $40,000 in reno’s.

That’s another $1,000/yr in deductions.

’92 Built House

Robertson, 1992 built house
$3,200/yr in deductions and $16,120 in 5 years
Minor renovations

’88 Townhouse

Springwood 1988 Built T/House
$2,925/yr in deductions & $14,625 in 5 years
Modestly renovated

Pre 1988 built residential

In the words of Betty White “The older you are – the better you get…unless you’re a banana”

Same goes for older houses.

They often get bigger tax deductions than 15-20 year old houses.

That’s because you can claim tax deductions for renovations, improvements and makeovers done after September 1987.

Even if the work was done by previous owners!

There’s such variety in the older houses I can’t give a guideline on what to expect in deductions sorry.

It really is a case-by-case situation.

…But for some really in-depth info on properties – just like yours – checkout the links below

It’s where you’ll find even more info specific to you and your property.

Worst Properties For Tax Depreciation

The worst properites come in all shapes and sizes – yet – more often than not, they are houses built in the late 80’s and in very original condition.

Why they are worst is two-fold

1. They have no recent renovations that are claimable at 2.5%pa

2. What original constructions works they do have that’s claimable will expire before the year 2030

But…knowing if your property is a gold mine – or a bust – all comes down to the Quantity Surveyor doing the report. So…

Here’s what some of our successful clients have been able to achieve…

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What to do next…

Not sure if you need a tax depreciation report?

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Still have some questions?

…maybe these FAQs will help you

QUESTION: how much needs to be spent on renovations to make it worthwhile doing on an older house?

Simple rule of thumb: Once you’ve got $40,000+ in claimable works – including renovations, improvements and makeovers – a Tax Depreciation Report will save you tax.

That’s because $40,000 in renovations is claimable at 2.5% pa.

…and that means you’ll get $1,000/yr in tax deductions

QUESTION: What happens if we get a report and you can’t find us $40,000+ in claimable items?

Perhaps the most frequently asked question of all.

I’m not here to ruin my reputation – or to waste anyone’s time.

So as part of your quote I’ll give you a amount.

And if I can’t get you (at least) that figure in your report – you won’t pay a cent for it. And you can still keep it.

Note: on average, my clients get $18 in tax refunds for every $1 they spend on the report (spread over 7 years of tax returns).
…plus the report is a tax deduction in itself

QUESTION: What if we make improvements and upgrades after we’ve got the report?

Probably the 2nd most asked question – and it’s an important one

You get Free Report Upgrades for life

…if you add a new air con or oven, repaint the house or even replace the kitchen – just let me know the Cost and the Date and I’ll update your report at no cost to you at all.

It’s totally free

NExt Steps

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