Beach HousesTax Depreciation Reporting in Brisbane

If you have an investment property then the short answer is YES.

Whether in Brisbane or anywhere else up and down the East Coast of Australia between Tasmania & Canberra, Sydney and Cairns, we will work hard to get you the best result.

We have carried out thousands of tax depreciation reports on investment properties of all types, size and age and have never assessed a property and found it to be not worth doing; no matter which type of property you have, we are sure that there will be something to depreciate.

As rental property occupant safety requirements continue to strengthen, we find that almost all older properties have had significant work done on the electrical side of things to ensure the property is safe for tenants.

Re-wiring a house and upgrading the meter box is very expensive and is fully deductible in a tax depreciation report. Almost everything is able to be depreciated. Basically, the only improvements that can’t be claimed in a depreciation report is plants, turf, soils & mulches.

If you are still unsure, don’t worry. We offer a no fee guarantee if we find that your property was not worth preparing a tax depreciation schedule for!

We pride ourselves in the work that we do for our clients, which is reflected on their feedback.
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If you have an investment property of any kind on the east coast; commercial units in Brisbane, waterfront residential on the Sunshine Coast, or a medical practice in Sydney, we’ll take care of you.

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