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For every $1 you invest in your report, it will return to you five-fold in the form of tax refunds (spread over 4-years)

Do you need a tax depreciation report that maximises your tax deductions...while remaining 100% ATO compliant?

And do you want your tax refunds ASAP?

If you said yes, then stay right here because you're in the right place!

Not only will you get maximum tax savings - in the shortest possible time.

You’ll also get the best value-for-money around.

Because, right now I am offfering my premium level tax depreciation report with an entry-level price tag.

Instead of paying $685 for your report - you can pay just $577 incl. GST

That’s a saving (for you) of $108!
Why $108 off?

Because this page is a bit of an experiment.

Firstly to see if a bare-bones price of just $577 is appealing to customers.

And secondly, to prove to myself that my full-price fee is actually really good value.

But this offer is only available on this page. It's a pricing experiment afterall. And only available by using the form below.

It’s a uniquely coded form to this page alone.

Send an enquiry from anywhere else on my site and you won’t get the special price.

Ok...Here's what you get...

A 40-year tax depreciation report using all ATO approved methods of depreciation.


  • Low Value Pooling schedule
  • Diminshing Value schedule
  • Prime Cost schedule
  • Capital Works schedule
  • Scrapping schedule
  • Capital Loss schedule

(I’ll email you a sample report too)


Your property will be physically inspected by myself or one of my very experienced Quantity Surveyors.


You get a lifetime of free updates to your report for minor works.

Example: say you buy a new oven, garage door motor and repaint the roof. After I have prepared your report.

Just tell me the date and cost and I’ll include the replacement items in the repairs & maintenance schedule.

...Then claim the remaining values of the old oven and door motor in the scrapping schedule.

...Then I’ll add the roof repaint to the capital works schedule.

By doing it this way it means you get maximum deductions. ASAP.

...and your accountant won’t charge you extra labour in updating your report - because I’ve done it for them. FREE!

But the best thing about getting your report is knowing you’ve done everything possible to minimise your tax bills.

And...you’ll have more money in your pockets because of the smart tax choices you’ve made.

...but without your report, you’re simply paying more than your fair share of tax.

So, to ensure you lock-in your $108 SAVING get your name on the list right now.

Should I pull this page down in the meantime…at least your quick action will have ensured you can get the very best value-for-money report around.

Cancel Later

But if you decide later that you don’t want to proceed. That’s easy. You’re not locked into anything.

Just tell me you’ve changed your mind and that’s that.

B.T.W. I hate spam and marketing emails.
So I’ll never bombard you with them.

When you get your quote - it’s just a quote.
I’ll leave it up to you to decide for yourself.

So I can send your quote to you
...so I can provide a guaranteed minimum yealry deduction amount
If you've got any extra info about your property - this is a great spot to put it

Able To Squeeze Absolutely Everything Possible Out

“They’ve always been able to squeeze absolutely everything possible out of the depreciable items for my clients”
Rowan Siepen, Apex Accounting & Advice


My House is 25-years old. Will I even benefit from a report?

Without knowing much about your house I’m very confident I’ll get you at least $1,300/yr in depreciation deductions.

...that’s based on the average savings my clients (with older properties) get.

Just look at this clients results...
$15 tax refund for every $1 spent on the depreciation report!

tax depreciation reports

1988 built brick & tile house. MANLY WEST. $6,837/yr in tax depreciation deductions

1988 built brick & tile house in Manly West - with modest renovations

$6,837.80/yr in tax depreciation deduction entitlements.
That means this new investor gets over $2,222/year in tax refunds straight into their bank account!

Can I claim a tax deduction for my report?

Yes! Our fee is a tax deductible cost - just like your accountants fee.
So even the cost of the report adds to your deductions.

How often do I need to do the report?

Just once...
We will prepare the report and it will last 40-years.
Why so long?: The ATO says a building/structure has a useful life of 40-years. So that’s how long our reports run for.
2.5% pa x 40 years = 100%
...Of course, if you do major renovations you’ll probably need to have the new works assessed too. Otherwise you may miss out on extra tax savings.

To lock in your $108 saving simply fill in this form

So I can send your quote to you
...so I can provide a guaranteed minimum yealry deduction amount
If you've got any extra info about your property - this is a great spot to put it


Tell us about your property and we’ll arrange those quotes

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