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If that’s what you want too, then stay right here, because I can save you tens of thousands in tax

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“Is the Government taking advantage of your rental property?”

If you’re paying too much tax – or – your cash flow could be better…then your tax refunds are to blame!

That’s because the government treats property Investors like you as a cash cow…ready and willing to be milked

…making positive cash-flow virtually impossible.

But you can use the little-known ATO Tax Depreciation legislation to your advantage. And keep your rental income your pockets – not the government’s.

Yes. You can claim significant tax refunds for ‘on paper’ losses for your rental property.

But only when you get a tax depreciation report – through a qualified – ATO compliant – quantity surveyor.

Quick Turn-Around

To get maximum deductions you need a high quality Tax depreciation report.

…and that can take a little time.

Tenants need ample notice to allow access.

…and I need a few hours to research your property before I know I’ve done my best work for you.

But if your Accountant wants it really FAST – don’t delay – get your quote sorted today.

…I’ll pencil you in to secure your spot (you can always cancel later).

And if the phone is busy simply text me on (0422-401-509) or email me.

I’ll get back to you ASAP. It’s easily done.

speed and reliability are crucial

“For us, speed and reliability are crucial. I estimate that we are now shaving at least 2-days off client IAS submissions thanks to Will”

Ben Thiel, Thiel Partners Accounting

was no time at all

“From the time I made my enquiry to the delivery of the final report, was no time at all”

Peter Marer

completed extremely quickly

“Work completed extremely quickly & at high quality”

David Wylie

How to be guaranteed [Maximum] Tax refunds

It’s quite simple yet mostly overlooked these days.

When dad started the biz – back in 1994 – there was no such thing a ‘property inspector’. Just the Quantity Surveyors who did the entire thing. From inspection right through to report preparation.

But things have changed a lot. These days everyone uses unskilled ‘tick-sheet guys’ to do the inpsections. Beacuse it’s cheaper.
But the property investor is the one who suffers the consequences.

Only a physical inspection of your property will guarantee you receive every tax deduction entitlement available to you.

And only a qualified quantity surveyor knows where to look to find the sneaky – but valuable – deductions in your property.

That’s why I only employ quantity surveyors.

*When the inspector isn’t a Quantity Surveyor – the client misses out on tax savings they could’ve had otherwise.

Surprisingly Inexpensive

A big concern for every investor is cash-flow. And the need to save money where possible.

But the one-off fee of your depreciation report means you can save tens of thousands in tax refunds over the years.

And free up valuable cash-flow right now – which makes the initial outlay seem insignificant.

Still, everyone wants good-value.

And your money is better off in your pocket.

Not mine…and definitely not the Government’s

So I made my price so good it’s a “no-brainer” for any investor.

Besides, your report will quickly pay for itself through the massive tax refunds it generates.

“You can even claim your report cost as a tax deduction – just like your accountants fee”

Saved me many thousands in tax

“William has saved me [personally] many thousands in tax”

Mark Herron, Herron Accountants

price was very competitive

“I received the report quickly and the price was very competitive”

Carl D’Souza, Sydney

efficient & friendly

“Fast, efficient and friendly”

Lee Evans, Wynnum

And don’t be concerned about getting harassed with pesky marketing emails and phone calls when you ask for a quote.

I will never spam you

Only paying clients go on my mailing list. And only so I can share ways they can save even more tax.

Get your free sample report & quote
Easy 30-sec form, quick reply, no obligation

Here’s why you won’t risk a cent – with me…

My 200% money back guarantee

200% Money back – no questions asked – If your Accountant doesn’t simply love my report and says get a better one – I’ll refund you 200% of the report cost

“The Only Quantity Surveyors Report Guaranteed ATO Audit Proof”

If your report triggers an ATO Audit – which it won’t – I’ll happily refund you 200% of the fee!

I can make this promise because our reports have withstood the blow-torch scrutiny of the ATO and passed with flying colours – for 27 years

able to squeeze absolutely everything possible out

“They’ve always been able to squeeze absolutely everything possible out of the depreciable items for my clients”

Rowan Siepen, Apex Accounting & Advice

maximum deductions

“Will has enabled me to claim maximum deductions of my rental property”

Fabian D’Clara, Coorparoo

Fast and efficient

“Fast and efficient and always able to fit us in”

Nathan Vickery, Toowoomba


How to get Everything your accountant needs to Maximise your refunds

The biggest property deductions are also devils to find – often missed by all but the most skilled inspectors.

Thankfully, Dad and I have over 68 years of hands-on experience between us. Plus my three QS staff Matt Jobber, Kelly Page, Glenn Bradford, bring another 53 years.

Combined, we bring to bear 121 years of Quantity Surveying Knowledge and knowhow – so you get the best result.

We’ve become like wily old foxes, who’ve learnt every trick in the book. And who can get you the maximum deductions in the shortest possible time. 

Once we’ve found every deductible item hiding in your property – we’ll squeeze-every-cent out of it – to save you maximum tax.

Plus you get…

Ongoing Support – for life [with me]

Not only do you get a comprehensive [40-year] tax depreciation report – fully detailing every tax deduction entitlement in your property.

You’ll also have access to me for life.

So when a question comes up, all you need do is ask and I’ll help you out.

Free report updates

When you do minor works on the property I’ll update your report free of charge.

For example: you install a new Air Con and repaint the house.

Simply tell me when and how much and I’ll update the report at no cost.

Now, if you’ve read this far – thank you – as I’m convinced of one thing. Saving your hard-earned cash from unnecessary taxes is very important to you.

So to keep your money in your pocket and not waste it on avoidable taxes This is your next [simple] step…

  • Get in touch 

[find out if you too can save a lot of tax with your own depreciation report]

  • Have your property inspected

If you qualify for a report- One of my quantity surveyors will inspect your property within 7-days

  • Get your tax refunds

Front-loaded deductions [in the early years of ownership] for maximum tax refunds in minimum time

Why wait? It’s easily done

Simply get in touch below and I’ll get back to you with everything you need to know.

I’m very responsive to emails – day or night. There’s no obligation and no commitments. I’ll even email you a sample report for a property not too dissimilar to your own.

And Remember; I hate spam as much as you do. So when you get in touch your information is safe with me.

Get your free sample report & quote
Easy 30-sec form, quick reply, no obligation

Note: I’m not in the business or wasting anyone’s time or money. If you get in touch I’ll tell you quite accurately how much tax I can save you each year -then, leave it up to you to decide your next move.

B.T.W.: there’s absolutely No Obligation either – it’s just a quote!

I’ll email you the quote ASAP -typically within 2.5hrs

Here’s some [Free] Bonuses – to boost your earnings

With your free quote – you also get – three complimentary property investor reports (specific to your house). 

“Thanks Will, the reports were insightful and not as I’d expected!”

James Kramer

These reports are not something I’ve slapped together. They’re generated by RpData’s substantial data mining software. And in the right hands can create a fortune – or save one!

With them you’ll discover…

Who’s renting what and for how much [adjust and maximise your rent return for more profit]

What’s in high demand [tweak your property to meet tenant needs and have them queing to sign up – then profit from the extra demand – before your neighbours do]

Is your suburb booming, flatlining or about to take-off [Get ahead of the trends & maximise profits – or – look like a genius and sell out before the crash

“If you were to order these yourself, RpData would charge you $80ea”

…But you can have them today – free – simply for getting a quote

You don’t even have to be a customer. They’re yours as a gift, no strings attached.

I don’t think you should have to buy something to get this valuable information.

And I’d rather you be able to make the best-go of being a property investor. Customer or not. 

Get your free sample report & quote
Easy 30-sec form, quick reply, no obligation
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“The depreciation report will help tremendously and I only hope other people use William in the future” – Matthew Porch, Cleveland


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