My Super-Six Guarantee

Six reasons why you won’t risk a cent with us ↓

You’ve probably seen the guarantees offered by my competition. Often it’s “2x, 3x, 4x ROI in the 1st 365 days.”

And You’ve probably seen guarantees that your report will be complete in 14 days, 10 days or even 7 days.

My guarantee is more extensive than the norm

It’s more like a suite of guarantees.

You can even claim your report as a tax deduction:just like your accountant’s fee!

In fact, I couldn’t easily fit it all on the homepage — that’s why there’s this separate guarantees page.

Guarantee #1: 200% Money-back Refund

I know my reports are the best value for money on the market—and to prove it, I’m going to give you a 200% money-back refund if you think my report is unsatisfactory in any way.

If at any point this financial year, you feel my report isn’t as good as the competition, or if your accountant says, “This report stinks, get a new one!” I’ll give you all your money back. Then I’ll give you that much again—just for wasting your time.

No quibbles, no fuss, no ifs and no buts.

Guarantee #2: No Dumb-Ass Staff

This one is very simple, and should be what any Quantity Surveyor will guarantee…but unfortunately they don’t:

  • You will only ever speak to qualified Quantity Surveyors
  • Your property will be inspected by a qualified Quantity Surveyor
  • Your report will be prepared by a qualified Quantity Surveyor
  • In short, only Quantity Surveyors work here.

Guarantee #3: Audit-Proof Reports

We’re the only company to guarantee our reports as ATO-audit-proof. This means the ATO will not find fault with our report.

If the ATO audits you, and our report fails their scrutiny, not only will we issue you with a full refund, but I will authorise the payment of up to $300 to cover your auditing costs.

Only we can offer this, because we use a Quantity Surveyor every step of the way. No outsourcing to unqualified tick-sheet guys, and no “DIY” reports on our letterhead (they’re not even ATO compliant, but many do so anyway).

In fact, clients have come to us specifically to satisfy the ATO when in the middle of an audit. We’ve done our thing, and the ATO have then left them alone.

Don’t get caught out by the ATO, thinking you’re safe when you’re not. Get a guaranteed audit-proof report for peace of mind.

Guarantee #4: maximum legal deductions

Because the larger tax depreciation companies don’t actually send real life, fully-qualified, Quantity Surveyors to measure up your property…and because they don’t rely on years of experience to spot things like discrete renovations, additions, and repairs…they simply can’t guarantee you’ll get the maximum deductions allowable.

By contrast:
Because we don’t send novices to do a professional’s job,
Because we only do 10 reports per week, and because we double check everything…I can have great confidence knowing we’ll get you the maximum deductions allowed by ATO regulations.

Guarantee #5: professionalism, courtesy, privacy

This shouldn’t be necessary, but sadly it is:

  • I personally promise that our staff will always be friendly, courteous and professional—not just to you, but to your accountant, property manager, and tenants. No one wants peeved off tenants, or a property manager with their nose out of joint. I’ve seen both, and the landlord always loses out financially!
  • We will also keep your personal information safe, and absolutely never sell it or share with 3rd parties.
  • Lastly, we will not hassle you after you contact us! The number of companies who are really pushy to prospects is staggering. You’ll get a phone call from us, a quote, and some helpful info—that’s it. From there it’s up to you.

Guarantee #6: straightforward pricing and payments

A straightforward guarantee for a straightforward system:

  • Our quoted fee is fixed.
  • There’s no sneaky price creep due to a “harder than normal” job.
  • There are no credit card fees, ever.
  • We provide easy payment options: cash, card, cheque or bank deposit.

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