Brand New Investment Properties

Tax Depreciation [for] Brand-New Houses

If you’re looking for property that gets you the biggest tax deductions…in the quickest time possible…Brand New houses are the answer

That’s because everything – excluding plants, turf and earth – are tax deductible

But it’s not the case for existing houses…even if they’re only 9-months old.

You see, existing residential properties can only claim the deductions for the structural elements (div 43).

…Not the ‘plant and equipment’ items (div 40).

Here’s how that looks…

I recently worked on a new duplex pair in Brisbane’s north. One unit was rented out from brand new, while the other was lived in by the builder for the first 9-months, then rented out.

Both are very similar in every way.

Both are 3-bed, 2-bath, 1 car.

Both have similar floor areas (within 5sqm of eachother)

But the outcomes were very different.

Brand New v’s Near New…What’s the difference?

Brand New House
Tax Deductions of $16,406 in 1st year

Near-New House
Tax Deductions of $8,006/yr

Brand New House
$63,925 in deductions in 5 years

Near-New House
$40,030 in deductions in 5 years

Here’s a detailed breakdown of what you can claim deductions for in a brand new house…

Capital Works items (div 40)

Note: all Capital Works items are claimed at 2.5% pa for 40-years (equals 100%)

  • House structure
  • Patio & Pergola
  • Tiling
  • Driveway
  • Fencing
  • Retaining walls
  • TV antenna
  • Clothes line
  • Letterbox
  • Swimming pool
  • Garden shed
  • Garden edging

and so on…

But you can’t claim…

  • The mulch
  • The plants
  • The turf
  • The soil

Plant and Equipment Items (div 43)

Note: each item has its own effective life – as determined by the ATO.

So the rates of depreciation range from just 3.33% for a Passenger Lift – right up to 100% for smaller items with a value of less than $300

  • Oven
  • Cooktop
  • Rangehood
  • Dish washer
  • Microwave
  • Carpet
  • Floating floors
  • Fans
  • Air conditioners
  • Lights (not downlights, they’re Capital Works items)
  • Hot Water Systems
  • Rainwater tanks
  • Pumps
  • Blinds & curtains
  • Smoke detectors garage door motors
  • Remote controls
  • Bins
  • BBQ’s

and so on…

Here’s how successful some recent clients have been with their Brand-New investment properties…

Brand New House

Park Ridge Brand New House
$18,773 in 1st year
$71,925 in 5 years
All original

Brand New Dual Key House

Marsden, Brand New Dual Key House
$26,849 in 1st year
$77,320 in 5 years
All original

Brand New Unit

Northgate Brand New Unit
$17,544 in 1st year
$68,465 in 5 years
All original

Brand New House

Pimpama Brand New House
$16,250 in 1st year
$62,514 in 5 years
All original

10 year old House

North Lakes 2011 Built House
$5,438/yr in first year
$27,190 in 5 years
Minor renovations

Brand New House

Strathpine Brand New House
$14,184 in 1st year
$55,338 in 5 years
All original

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Still have some questions?

…maybe these FAQs will help you

QUESTION: When Should I Get A Tax Depreciation Report?

The best time is as soon as you take ownership of the property.

QUESTION: Can I Get A Report For An Apartment?


In fact, apartments are ideal for tax depreciation. That’s because the cost per square metre to build them is often 2 even 3 times more than a normal house.

That means bigger tax deductions for you

QUESTION: What Does My Accountant Do With My Depreciation Report?

Your accountant will mark-off the depreciation values as an ‘on paper loss’ against your rental income.

For you, that means less tax to pay

And should the deductions be greater than the income produced, your accountant will mark-off these surplus losses against other income sources (usually your job).

…this is known as Negative Gearing.

Once again, this means less tax to pay.

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