FAQ – working with us

Frequently asked questions about working with us

Question: Are you really a family owned & operated business?

Yes, 100% and since 1994 to that end. So there’s nothing to hide here!

Question: I have found companies providing reports for as little as $200…how do you compare?

We compare very favourably!

No client has ever been ATO audited because of our report


I guarantee you won’t get audited by the ATO because of my report.

Just check out my guarantee here

WARNING: I cannot say the same about any one else providing depreciation reports in Australia.

So save yourself the time, hassle and worry about the quality of a cheap report, and get your tax depreciation schedule through us.

WRC QS is fully insured, and ATO compliant.

We have been specialising in tax depreciation reporting since its implementation in the 1994. So we know how and where to find the maximum deductions for your investment property.

Question: What is the turn-around for a report?

There are two timeframes you need to know:

  1. We inspect your property within 10 calendar days (but typically 6 or less)
  2. We complete the report within 48 hours of the inspection

Question: Can I claim for previous tax returns already submitted to the ATO

We prepare all reports from the first available for-rent date—whether that’s just last week, or 6 years ago. The ATO will allow you to amend previous tax returns, but typically no further back than the last two submitted returns. You would be wise to check with your accountant though.

Question: How long do your reports last?

My reports run for 40 years (from the date you made the property available for rent) with the 1st year being pro rata. So, if you put your property on the rental market on June 1, the 1st years calcuations would be for that 30-day period. This saves your Accountant having to do all those calculations (and possibly billing you for it).

Question: Do you include future property expenses in the report?

Yes, of course!

If you spend money on your proeprty after I’ve prepared the report – even if it’s 10-years from now – just let me know the date and cost of the item and I’ll update your report at no cost. Not a cent!

Question: Can you do a commercial property?

We sure can. We’ve done everything from hole-in-the-wall coffee shops to multi-acre factories, and every type of commercial property in between. So we can handle whatever you want to throw at us:

Question: How do we arrange the property inspection?

Leave it to me. All I need is for you to provide some basic details, and I’ll contact the property manager to arrange everything.

Question: What payment options do you offer?

All the usual ones—whichever is most convenient to you:

  • Credit card (with no extra fees either)
  • Bank transfer
  • Cheque
  • Cash

Why choose us?

It’s really up to you who you choose, but first and foremost:

If your property isn’t suitable for tax depreciation (i.e, there’s not enough to claim to make a report cost-effective) we’ll let you know straight up.

No need to waste your time and money on something you don’t need.

But there are many other reasons and you can read more on my “why Us” page

Why Choose Us?