easy to read – easy to update – comprehensive reports with realistic valuations

Since 1994 Ron Callaghan (Dad) has been providing Sinking Fund forecasts & Insurance Replacement Valuations for Body Corporate complexes throughout S.E.Q. I joined the family business in 2008, as dad attempts to phase himself into retirement (He’s been a Quantity Surveyor for 54 years now!).

Together, we’ll ensure you receive comprehensive reports that are easy to understand, well priced, using realistic valuations.

Accuracy is key

It’s one thing to produce a report, but to get the numbers right is another story. 

We work with builders (daily) on new projects and know exactly what things cost.  Painting, passenger lift upgrades, concrete cancer repairs, balustrade replacement, new roofs and so on.

While many of our competitors rely solely on published industry averages like the Rawlinsons Construction Cost handbooks, we prefer to use actual rates provided by builders & tradies –then cross check with Rawlinsons. 

Service areas

We are a small family business, so to keep costs low we operate from home offices based on the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast & Brisbane. 

We’re happy to drive anywhere in South East Queensland and Northern NSW to inspect your property -Bay Islands included.

The genius of simplicity 

“Everything should be as simple as possible but no simpler” 

-that’s what Einstein said about, well, everything.

It doesn’t take a genius to prepare a Sinking Fund -luckily for me. But it does take time, industry knowledge and logical thinking. 

I’ve built my reports around the ‘simple but no simpler’ philosophy. So you won’t find any pointless fluffy bits like graphs and pie charts in our reports, -just numbers and facts. 

Experience matters

We produce 3-5 Sinking Funds and 4-5 Insurance Valuations per week and have done so for many years. -We’ve seen it all

Property types & sizes that we handle

Everything from a typical duplex pair through to 350+ Lot body Corp complexes. 

  • Residential 
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

What we don’t do

  1. We avoid high rise buildings (over 9 floors). 
  2. We avoid factories with specialised equipment (over 4,000 sqm lettable floor area)
  3. We avoid large shopping centres (over 8,000 sqm lettable floor area)

Turnaround times

November – December – January – February: 4 day turnaround 

March – April: 5 day turnaround 

May – June – July – August: 10 day turnaround

September – October: 5 day turnaround

What to do next

-get a sample report & quote

Does your complex need a Sinking Fund forecast or Insurance Replacement Valuation?

Get in touch and we’ll help out. 

  1. Get a sample report
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Why us and not some other crowd?

Experience, local industry knowledge and attention to detail is what makes us strong. As a locally owned, 2nd generation family business, customer satisfaction is our priority. If you’re not happy, neither are we.

Sinking Funds are no joke, so is our “no clowns here” -guarantee

Many of our competitors send a somewhat trained, not really qualified ‘inspector’ to your property for the measure up. Think they keep their Quantity Surveyors locked away from public view, just crunching numbers.  

We only ever send a qualified Quantity Surveyor (4 year degree) with countless years of Estimating and field experience to your property. 

-and the proof is in the pudding. 

Our reports are more accurate, more affordable and more reliable than the rest. 

Previous jobs we’ve handled 



Small Body Corporate complexes

Medium Body Corporate complexes 

Large Body Corporate complexes 


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