“Our report on your desk in 10 days or less”

If not, the next one’s free!

No Fluff – No Graphs – No time-wasting gimmicks.
Just real data ready for you to use.

Principal Properties can come in all shapes and sizes

Investment Properties Vary greatly. We can handle them ALL!

Every good Accountant wants the Best Deal for their client.
Yet many send their clients straight to Tax Depreciation companies with starting prices of $770

Don’t let your client Pay $770, or even $699.

Based on what those guys are charging we should be charging over a thousand dollars, but we’re not!

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What is it you want from a Quantity Surveying Firm?
Speed – Accuracy – Accountability

What about Simplicity?

We can provide all of this and at a much better price than the big guys.

A report so EASY you don’t even have to be a Ninja Accountant to use.
Even DIY‘ers successfully use our reports every year.

Ever noticed how vague the reports from the big guys are?
They’re vague for a reason – But you won’t get that from us.

We like to spell it all out in black and white…and several other colours.
Takes us longer, but in the end, it saves Everyone precious time.
-None of that emailing back and forth for days on end trying to interpret what is and isn’t in the report.

Need a quote? Click here or call me on 0422 401 509  I’ll be in touch!

“I am a taxation professional who recently engaged Will to assess several properties for depreciation/capital works purposes. Will did an excellent job, his final report was well constructed, easy to follow and fairly seamless with what I had done to date tax-wise” Robert Daley -CPA

I’m a 2nd Gen Quantity Surveyor. Trained by my Father -a QS for more than 52 years.
-We have been providing Tax Depreciation reports since 1993 -one of the 1st to do so.
-I am a 4th Generation local to S.E.Q. -so I know the construction history pretty well.
-Degree in Quantity Surveying through QUT, Brisbane.
-I also have a Diploma in Horticulture, which helps with costing Hard landscaping elements.

We are Traditional QS’s providing FULL Quantity Surveying services.

Where others only provide a tax depreciation report, we can also provide

– Insurance Replacement Valuation – Capital Gains Valuation – Sinking Fund Forecasts – Scrapping Schedules – Costing Reports – Progress Payment Reports and so on.

What does all this mean to you?
-It means we know the construction industry, what things cost & what they don’t.

No risk to your client  —  No risk to you.
Our costings are legitimate & accurate.

A system that is Consistent & Reliable, Thorough & Foolproof:
We’ve been doing this for 24 years. We have developed a system which is very effective.
We know the tax depreciation rules.
We know how to apply them.
Our reports are foolproof. Even your work experience kids will understand them.
Designed for D.I.Y. tax returns

Fast – Easy – Accurate
ATO Compliant – Best Value for Money

Worried we won’t deliver on time?
That’s fair enough. That’s why we are offering our 10-day turnaround Guarantee.
There’s no need to chase after us. Just cc us in on an email to your client recommending our services & We’ll take it from there. The next you’ll hear from us is upon completion.

We use a QS from start to finish. No cutting corners and outsourcing to cheap unqualified inspectors.

The only report with a Built-in Scrapping schedule. Don’t pay for one of those as well!

Track Record:
We’ve never had the ATO bail us up on something. -Well, except for that 1 time back in 1995 when we put a TV aerial in the Diminishing Value method instead of the Capital Works category.

We’ve been doing this for 24 years. That’s a long time.
-Just look at who comes up on google. Most have been in business for Over 11,000 reports produced by Dad & myself.
We’ve even prepared reports specifically for ATO audits -Passed with flying colours of course.

Product Delivery:
We will email a copy directly to you & your client.
-No need for you to waste time chasing up your client looking for the report.

“l thank Will for the great service, value for money he provided me, professionally and personally it was excellent, he answered and explained any questions l had in terms l could understand. The fact that his father and brother are in the same business, and that he personally would be carrying out inspection of property and doing report was another reason l chose this company. He was very efficient, approachable, and my accountant was very impressed with the presentation of report. So l have no hesitation in recommending, WRC Quantity Surveying.” Paul N.

Our Unique Method:
We are just about the only QS Company who sends a real, fully qualified QS, to your clients Property.
-Costs us 3x more to do so but will save your client thousands in extra depreciation deductions.
It’s what I like to call the ‘failsafe’.
There’s no arguing with the report when a QS did it from start to finish!

What makes our report better than the rest?
Easy to use – Maximise deductions ASAP.

Need a .CSV version? -We can do that as no extra cost.

Off the shelf reports:
Sorry, but we don’t do that. Every last one of our reports are fully customised to our client’s property.

Need a Capital Gains Assessment for the same property?
We can do that. Just ask us for a quote.

Your client can choose between our online Credit Card option –  Bank Transfer or Cheque. How easy is that!

Pay upfront & save!
Your client can pay upfront and save $25 or, wait until completion and pay the normal fee.

Built-in Confusion:
I don’t know about you, but I know tax depreciation really, really well, and even I scratch my head trying to work out what the big guys are trying to say in their reports.
You won’t get that from us.
Our reports are
Clean -Simple – Easy – No fuss

Nobody ever gets fired for using the big guys, right? So why use us?
You know you’re being judged every time you prepare a tax return.
Your client is judging you — The ATO is judging you — You are judging you.
-Did your client get the Best Value for money they could have?
-Did they get a wrap over the knuckles from the ATO for something a bit dodgy?
-Did You make any money from that client?

– I promise You won’t be getting headaches caused by our reports.
– The ATO won’t be on Your case querying our reports.
– Your Client won’t be on your case wanting to know why you are still waiting for the Depreciation Report.
– You won’t be kicking yourself for recommending us.

We will get the job done ASAP with minimal hassle.

“Very professional and efficient service! Will was very helpful in preparing our tax depreciation schedule and answering any questions we had, making the whole process smooth. We would definitely use WRC Quantity Surveying again.”  – Holley King

“Our report on your desk in 10 days or less”

If not, the next one’s FREE!

Conditions: 10 working days from the time we receive the required information to carry out the property inspection & report.

Call me on my personal number 0422 401 509 or email us here

I look forward to hearing from you!