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Info that Accountants will want to know about WRCQS

I asked 5 local, self-employed accountants what they want in a depreciation schedule. Then I distilled their answers into a list of basic requirements common to them all. Here’s what they all wanted:

  • An easy to read report, that’s….
  • Broken down into Div. 40 & Div. 43, and…
  • Lasts 20+ years

So, that’s what I provide as standard (my reports actually last 40 years). That way, you can have confidence that the report you get is exactly what you need.

What specifically to expect in one of my reports

The ATO legislation changes (2017 Federal budget) made tax depreciation really complicated. Nevertheless, I provide the full depreciation schedule for Residential, Commerical & Primary Industries:

All where applicable.

Note: if you want, I’ll email you a few sample reports so you can get a feel for how we do it. Need a .csv file? Just ask and I’ll do it at no extra cost.


Of note was the frequent comment that, “we assume the Quantity Surveyor has done their job properly so don’t bother double checking.”

It isn’t your job to check the depreciation schedule. It should be right, because that’s the job of the Quantity Surveyor who created it.

But with all the cowboys out there, how can you ensure this? Simple: by ensuring that no one except a certified Quantity Surveyors is involved in creating the schedule. To that end, I only employ Quantity Surveyors:

  • Your client’s property will be inspected by a QS
  • The tax depreciation report will be prepared by a QS
  • And you’ll get ongoing support from a QS if you need it

No need to suffer fools here! Sometimes trying to get a straight answer from someone is like drawing blood from a stone. Not so with me. I’ll get you the answers you need, when you need them.

Why you should trust my competence

I’m a 2nd generation Quantity Surveyor. That’s fairly rare. Dad taught me the ropes during my QS cadetship, and I’ve now clocked up 11 years in Quantity Surveying. Dad is up to 54 years.

Dad’s been preparing tax depreciation reports since 1994. In that time, we’ve only ever had one report was questioned by the ATO. Way back in 1996, we put a TV antenna in the wrong category. Since then, for nearly 25 years, we have had not a single problem with ATO compliance.

Us vs Them

Unlike the Big Fish in tax depreciaiton, I don’t have a $60k/month budget to drop on marketing. In fact, I don’t even have a marketing team.

I do everything myself – even this website.

I mention this because it tells you something important: when it comes to gross output, I don’t stand a chance. I can’t compete with the big compliance mills that churn out dozens of reports a day.

That means I have to punch well above my weight on report quality. You can check out the Competitors page for more information on how we compare to other Quantity Surveyors, and look at our Why Us page to understand the unique value we provide.

Turnaround time

As I mentioned, despite the job title, WRCQS is all about quality, not quantity. This means I max out at 12 clients per week. It’s the only way I can maintain respectable timeframes and quality control.

The upshot for you is that if I say I can get the report done in a week, I will.

Service locations

  • Brisbane
  • Gold Coast
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Ipswich
  • Bay Islands
  • Northern NSW
  • a few others—contact us to check

BTW: check out our competitors page for some more us v them

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